The air traffic safety is a basic criterion when it comes to providing air navigation services and its respective infrastructure.

LPS SR, š. p. states the highest priority is placed on ensuring air traffic safety, protecting it from any commercial, operational, environmental or social impacts. Therefore, we strive to maintain and constantly improve the level of safety our services provide, regardless of the volume of traffic within the airspace of the Slovak Republic.

Our safety management system implemented for all operational activities ensures that the company manages to maintain the required level of safety and keep the continuous improvements in this sector.

The key attention is paid particularly to:

  • Reporting and investigating the occurrences with the aim to collect, monitor, and analyse occurrences data and their impact on safety. Based on the identified deficiencies, preventive (proactive) or corrective (reactive) measures are taken.
  • Conducting safety survey in order to determine the compliance of the activities carried out with the relevant safety management regulations, guidelines and principles as well as to identify deficiencies and propose improvements where it´s necessary.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation to identify and mitigate potential risks and take appropriate measures to eliminate or mitigate the safety impact of hazards.
  • Improvement and promotion of a positive safety culture which is one of the key conditions for the effective operations of the safety management system.

Our goal is to develop the Just Culture area and maintain an atmosphere of mutual trust in which employees shortcomings and notify the event without fear of reprisal and with faith that personally contribute to improving the system.


In order to provide its services in a safe, efficient, continuous and sustainable manner, consistent with any foreseen level of overall demand for the assigned airspace and in the assigned airports in the Slovak Republic, management of the company made the decision to implement and maintain a management system in compliance with the standard STN EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, Requirements.

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The certification audit in December 2001 was executed by the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certification authority according to a Dutch accreditation scheme.

The validity of the certificate has been regularly updated by recertification audits since the year 2001.

Modern technology

The technical equipment of LPS SR, primarily includes the best communication, navigation, surveillance systems and flight data processing system. Regular checks of their functionality in the context of certificates and continuous update rank among company priorities.


Qualified employees are crucial for successful fulfilment of determined objectives of company's development.

In the area of air navigation services, specific jobs require high quality training of employees in regard to close professional specialisation, particularly in the case of air traffic controllers, but also of operation and technical personnel.

The training of employees follows the strategic objectives, which the company wants to achieve mainly in providing quality and safety of services and the training requires elaborated, complex and uninterrupted system of care in terms of qualification growth and development of professional career of all employees. Improvement in professional skills of employees is being secured by the company in compliance with international regulations, standards and provisions mainly in the Institute of Air Navigation Services - EUROCONTROL in Luxemburg. Department of Human Resources Development, in cooperation with senior managers, plans the professional career of personnel.

The need for qualified employees is being solved by means of systematic search for suitable people with professional skills, as well as through professional training of own staff.