Instrument Flight Procedure Design

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Instrument Flight Procedure Design

LPS SR, š. p. consists of highly experienced instrument flight procedure designers fully trained in PANS-OPS procedure design criteria. All of the training has been provided by Air Navigation Institute of Switzerland, one of the most well-known companies in the field of procedure design training. The team is fully capable of developing and implementing safe, efficient and innovative conventional as well as PBN flight procedures in complex airspace and terrain environment according to ICAO Doc 8168 PANS – OPS criteria. In the cooperation with the in-house departments of AIM, Safety and FCS is able to provide a world - class complex procedure design solution from procedure design, flight validation and safety assessment to ATCo’s training and chart publication.

International Projects

Over the years, LPS SR, š. p. has introduced PBN procedures into many challenging airspace environments through successful completion of various international projects:

PRISME (PBN Regional Implementation and Sustained monitoring of EGNOS performance)
2018 – 2022

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Airspace redesign and optimization at Košice (LZKZ) and Poprad-Tatry (LZTT) airports to enable the future implementation of PBN flight procedures. 

SPICE (Synchronised PBN Implementation Cohesion Europe)
2016 – 2022

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Implementation of RNAV 1 SIDs and STARs to all international airports where Air Navigation Services are provided by LPS SR. Implementation of SBAS CAT I at Bratislava (LZIB RWY 22 and RWY 31) and Košice (LZKZ RWY 01 and RWY 19) airports.

IMPROWE (IMPlementing RNP APCH Operations With EGNOS)
2015 – 2017

Implementation of RNP APCH at the airports of Piešťany (LZPP), Žilina (LZZI) and Poprad-Tatry (LZTT) to all three minima (LNAV, LNAV/VNAV, LPV 200).

ACCEPTA (ACCelerating EGNOS AdoPTion in Aviation)
2012 – 2014

Implementation of the 1st four RNP APCH in Slovakia at the airports of Bratislava (LZIB) and Košice (LZKZ) to all three minima (LNAV, LNAV/VNAV, LPV).


Flight Procedures

• Non-precision approach procedures (LOC, VOR, NDB)
• Precision approach procedures (ILS CAT I/II/III, PAR)
• RNP approach procedures (GPS NPA, APV BARO, APV SBAS / SBAS CAT I)
• RNP AR approach procedures
• Helicopter Point-in-Space (PinS) approach procedures
• Standard Instrument Departures/Arrivals (SID/STAR)
• Establishing minimum altitudes (MSA, TAA, AMA, MOCA/MEA, MVA)
• Assessment of an obstacle impact on approved flight procedures and minimum flight altitudes